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Scribble Bookshelf

Scribble Bookshelf

A minimalistic black and white pattern of books, notes, pen, ereaders, tablet, phones. the style is scribble, hand drawing.

Scribble Bookshelf is a seamless tileable pattern that combines elements of books, notes, pens, e-readers, tablets, and phones. The pattern features a minimalistic black and white design, resembling hand-drawn scribbles. It creates a visually captivating effect that adds a touch of creativity to any project or design. Whether you're creating stationery, digital artwork, or website backgrounds, Scribble Bookshelf offers a unique and eye-catching pattern that seamlessly repeats and tiles, providing a cohesive and seamless look. The pattern can be easily scaled to fit different sizes without losing its intricate details. With Scribble Bookshelf, you can add a sense of literary inspiration and modern technology to your designs with its captivating mix of analog and digital elements.