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Norse Wolves

Norse Wolves

Norse tattoo design two wolves háti and sköl moon and sun lower arm wrap left side pine trees black and white

The Norse Wolves pattern is a seamless and tileable design inspired by Norse tattoo art. It features the iconic wolves Háti and Sköl, representing the moon and sun, beautifully entwined on the lower arm wrap. This black and white pattern captures the mystical essence of Norse mythology with its intricate details and symbolism. The left side showcases a forest of pine trees, adding a touch of nature and depth to the design. Perfect for any tattoo enthusiast or anyone who appreciates Viking culture, this seamless pattern can be repeated endlessly without any visible seams. Whether you're looking to decorate fabrics, wallpapers, or any other surface, the Norse Wolves pattern is sure to make a bold and timeless statement. Let this captivating pattern take you on a journey through ancient legends and embrace the power and strength of the Norse wolves within your own unique creations.